Welcome to the Expo Hall, where you will be able to find artists and dealers galore, selling a wide variety of products!

Expo Hall by Michael Grue Nielsen

Expo Hall
Foto af Michael Grue Nielsen

So if you’re looking for a plushie of your favourite character, a prop for a cosplay, or maybe that one issue of a manga needed to complete your collection, odds are that you can find it in the Expo Hall. In case you don’t have money for a ticket, not to worry; there’s FREE ENTRY to the Expo Hall on Sunday, August 2.

Like previous years, Genki also offers both a Bring & Buy section, as well as the Genki Auction, where for a small fee, Genki will sell your items on your behalf. To sign up for these, follow this link.

You can find the Expo Hall opening hours and a short list of important links on the sidebar to the right. In the section below, you’ll find an overview of the the registered dealers and artists for Genki 2016.

Floor Plan

Expo Hall Floor Plan

Registered Dealers & Artists

For a slightly better overview – 4 per line instead of 2 – please click here.