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How many years have you been cosplaying?

Around 11 years

How were you introduced to cosplay?

I saw Cosplay when I visited Connichi 2005 and was interested in it at first sight.

What is your greatest achievement as a cosplayer?

Actually finishing so many Cosplays! XD

No, but seriously, I’m really proud that I gained so many skills and made a lot of friends all over the world that I never wanna miss again. There are so many moments you just want to throw everything in a corner and just go and watch TV, but each time you get to fight that demon is the biggest achievement.

In your opinion, what is the the greatest thing about cosplay?

Wearing a tight and way too warm costume, which you’ve spent hundreds of moneys and hours on (also blood sometimes) with maybe 2-3 hours of sleep in advance and tons of make-up on your face, which makes you look not as decent as you wished for, but still feeling at ease, breaking free from the stress, and havin’ fun ♥

Which of your costumes is your favourite?

It really depends! I love to wear Anri from Adekan because he is one of my most beloved characters, but for the “play” part I love love love Thranduil (The Hobbit). Sometimes, there are days where I just wanna wear some sports uniform and be Rin from Free! Or Makishima from Haikyuu!

I really love wearing all the characters I do, just in different ways ♥

Do you have a dream costume?

I used to say that my dream was to cosplay Cain from Trinity Blood, but I think that mostly goes for the costume part. After all those years of cosplaying, I began to realize that my “Dream Cosplay” is the Cosplay I wanna do just that moment…

So right not it is Hux from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, because I’m super pumped to finish it and make it perfect and walk around as that character and AH! Cain is still on the list tho’!

What is your favourite convention memory?

This question made me think for a long time, because there is so many memories I hope I’ll never lose in my life… but one that happened at my second convention is one that really hold dear.

I was always a fan of Suzu Kitamura (he was also my first cosplay wish together with Rosiel from Angel Sanctuary) and I searched for Cosplayers and found one that I really liked… After a few days I found out that she was from Germany too and that she will be at my next Convention, so I did a painting of her and brought it to the Con as a present (man, that sounds really creepy, but I was only a 16-year-old, okay? xD).

I got to give it to her and ended up becoming friends with her almost instantly; it meant the world to me back then and we are friends to this day.

What are you looking forward to when coming to Genki?

I can’t wait to see old and new friends again, and meet new faces! I’m also excited to see a Danish Cosplay Show again, because I already know you guys rock the stage!

Any final words to our guests?

I’m pumped to meet you at Genki and would be happy if you come and say hi, or just wave if you don’t feel like talking. If you got some free time, I’ll also do a little cosplay wig workshop, where I try to show you how I fight with hair and glue.

Can’t wait to cross the border and go north to your amazing and lovely country! <3