Mie Rose by Haych

Photo: Haych

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How many years have you been cosplaying?

10 years

How were you introduced to cosplay?

First I saw it trying to find CGI renders of Final Fantasy X characters, and these REAL life people kept popping up, and I got very annoyed having to filter them out. Then in 2006 two of my friends wanted to go to J-Popcon in Valby, and invited me because they knew I like Japanese culture. We made our first costumes (mine was Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2 and a Sexy no Jutsu Kiba from Naruto), and since then I was the only one who could not stop…

What is your greatest achievement as a cosplayer?

Qualifying for the CICAF show in 2015. I made a dream costume of mine, not only because of the design but the character is almost legendary to me, so it meant so much cosplaying Oscar and qualifying for an event that really meant a lot for me too. And all the amazing people I have met all around the world is also pretty high on my life achievement list!

In your opinion, what is the the greatest thing about cosplay?

The social aspect. You get to be yourself and unfold all your creative channels around like-minded people. The bonds I have formed with other cosplayers are some of the deepest I have, to be honest.

Which of your costumes is your favourite?

Right now it is still my Oscar costume from Rose of Versailles. But I am planning three very dear costumes with amazing groups, so she might get a challenger or two.

Do you have a dream costume?

Right now it must be Fran from Final Fantasy XII or Arkham City Catwoman!

What is your favourite convention memory?

I have three… The first one was running to the stage at J-popcon to accept our qualifier for CICAF, where my best friend was the host and she started crying because she was so happy.

The second was when my same friend finally got to represent Denmark at the NCC 2015, and she was so happy. I remember running to the stage in my huge elaborate costume and not being able to hug her properly, but I was just SO proud she finally reached her goal.

And the last one is from CICAF, where I got to meet Yuki Godbless and Jaiki Darkness, whom I really admire. All the other sweet representatives and helpers also really made the trip a cherished memory to me. I will always enjoy the memories and friends I managed to make that trip!

What are you looking forward to when coming to Genki?

I always love Genki because they somehow manage to get good weather most of the time! So I am overjoyed I get to spend a part of my summer vacation surrounded by my friends doing the thing we love! Genki is really one of my favourite conventions because it is cozy and yet there is also some competitions to make things exciting.

This is also my first time being a judge at a bigger competition here in Denmark, so I am very excited trying being a judge at one of my favourite conventions with such a high level of show and passion, so I would love to thank the Genki team for asking me to do this!

Any final words to our guests?

I am very excited to see you all (again)! Please come over and say hi if you feel like it, and let’s all have an amazing late summer adventure together! And remember to stay hydrated!!