´Hi from SuperPinkyKitty!

Hi from SuperPinkyKitty!

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At Genki:
As a Let’s Play YouTuber, Super SuperPinkyKitty is a guest of Genki’s game room and will be livestreaming from there every now and again, e.g. for the event: Last Will with SuperPinkyKitty.

When she isn’t in the game room, she can be found walking around the con, and has announced that people are more than welcome to come up and say hi, and get an autograph or their picture taken with her.

How long have you been making Let’s Play videos?

I’ve been making Let’s Play videos for little over 4, soon to be 5 years.

How did you get into making Let’s Plays?

I started making videos to get out of my “shell”; I wanted to practice my English at try believing in myself a little.
Besides, it’s super fun and nice!

What game have you enjoyed Let’s Playing the most and what game do you look the most forward to?

I have a hard time picking a favourite *laughs*
I enjoy Let’s Playing games with a good storyline you can immerse yourself in or games with good humor ^^

I’m TOTALLY looking forward to the new Legend of Zelda that’s out next year, as well as Horizon Zero Dawn and of course Kingdom hearts 3!

What’s your best convention memory?

Hmm, that’s a tough one! I think all conventions have their own unique memories.

But what I love the most are all the sweet and nice people at the conventions.
People are so nice and helpful, like you aren’t even strangers *smiles*

There’s never a bad atmosphere at conventions!

Any final words for our guests?

I’m totally looking forward to meeting you all!

Video announcement

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