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How many years have you been cosplaying?

Since late 2007 (about 9 years)

How were you introduced to cosplay?

First time I heard about cosplay was in 2005, but I got introduced to it in a very negative way. It wasn’t before 2007 when a friend back then wanted me to cosplay with her, that I looked more into it and understood what it actually was. Since then my interest just kept growing.

What is your greatest achievement as a cosplayer?

Growing as a person, I would say. I’ve gotten many great friendships through cosplay, and I’ve had the chance to use my creativity for so many things.

In your opinion, what is the the greatest thing about cosplay?

That it allows you to enjoy a hobby just the way you like it. I like that cosplay is so many things at once, and you can pick the parts you prefer. To me cosplay is about the social aspect, but also about the creative side with making the costumes and performing. To other’s it might be different, and this is what I like; it’s not just one thing, and there is not just one right way to be a cosplayer.

Which of your costumes is your favourite?

I’ve got a couple of favourites. I made a cosplay of a character named Lalvan, which was a great challenge and helped me improve with worbla and painting. I’m very proud of the result. Otherwise I am very happy for a green kimono version I made of Benten, as this was a costume I put insanely many hours into, and I had a lot of fun performing, alongside with how I just absolutely love his character/personality. I got a couple more, but these are my favourites for similar reasons as why the Benten is.

Do you have a dream costume?

Yes – I have a couple, some of which I’ve already made. However, the one remaining, which I still don’t know when or if I will ever make, is Buzz Lightyear.

What is your favourite convention memory?

There are too many to give the 1st place favourite to only one. However, it made a great impact on me in when I first attended Japan Expo in France and I went to watch the ECG finals. It inspired me a lot and made me want to improve my own skills.

What are you looking forward to when coming to Genki?

To having a good time, watch some great performances, and hang out with both old and new friends.

Any final words to our guests?

I hope you will all enjoy Genki – I know I will 🙂